Effective and safe house removals mean you have to know which items go in the truck and which items are coming with you in the car. The kids will have to be in the car for sure.

Most people usually leave furniture, appliances and general nature household belongings to be handled and transported by the movers, in their vans. Really important or high value items are usually transported by customers, using their own personal vehicles, as this reduces the chance of damage or misplacement.

The kids will definitely be coming along with you in the car. You need to make certain preparations for traveling with the kids, especially if you will be traveling a fair distance to your new home. Depending on the age of the children, you will most likely require water bottles for each of them, plenty of toilet paper and enough wet tissues to go around. If the kids are still young, then you need to keep them occupied for the time being, so take along their favourite portable video games, or toys, or stuffed animals, etc.

Other valuables that should go with you in the car include special memorabilia or breakable collections. Also, keep safe and secured any important paperwork and personal documentation. Such papers should be packed together in a folder, secured and clearly labelled.

Some personal effects that you will likely need for the first night at the new house are a fresh pair of clothes, your toiletries bag, including a basic med kit, as well as enough toilet paper.

Pack up some refreshments like juice, bananas, perhaps some sandwiches, extra water etc. as you may arrive after local shops and stores have closed for the day.

Another important part of moving arrangements is organising the relocation of your pets and plants. Most likely your pets will be traveling with you in the car as throwing them caged up in the back of the mover van will be cruel and stressful for them.

If you grow valuable, exotic plants, it might be a good idea to organise their proper removal. If possible place the smaller ones in boxes, but ensure they aren’t banging around and against one another, use old newspapers to insulate the pots and prevent hits and breakage inside the boxes. Lack of sunlight won’t be a problem for the plants as the ordeal will be over in a matter of hours.